Universal Power Bank: Stay Connected When Travelling

Universal Power Bank: Stay Connected When Travelling

We live in a world fronted by a generation that is reliant on handhelds, the web and social media. Whether its posting at-the-moment pictures online and updating your status. Answering calls for work while in transit. We can go as far as to say we need our phones. And to make sure they stay powered even when travelling, it’s best to have a universal power bank handy.

Our Smartphones have become part of our everyday lives, if not life itself. Which, until now, is debatable— whether this is a good thing or it isn’t. But you have to admit, these gadgets have made our lives easier. From being a medium for organizing schedules. Allowing us to check our emails when away from our desks. Staying informed about news across the globe. Staying connected with each other. Our “tech-best friends” seem to be able to do almost anything.

This only stresses our point of making the simple decision of getting yourself a battery charger that needs to outlet to plug into. It’s difficult, if not impossible to find one while you go camping along lush forests and peaceful hills.

What Is A Universal Power Bank?

Call it your personal portable charger. This device is capable of charging devices that run on battery. Specifically, ones that have a USB port to connect the charger with. By storing electric current, it can increase your gadget’s battery life even as the charger itself isn’t hooked to an electrical outlet.

So, is it important enough to own one? Yes. Capitalize all those letters: Y-E-S. The past few years have seen us becoming more and more in-tune with our mobiles. Furthermore, it’s come to a point where panic attacks (an exaggeration) occur when that battery icon warns us it’s almost empty.

Instead of scrounging around, trying to look for a spot where we can charge it through a socket nearby, skip that. Have with you a power bank. You can charge your device by simply connecting it to the first.

And a universal power bank?It has almost the exact same features, except that it is brand-friend. Any type of Smartphone can be wired to it.

How It Works

Universal Power Bank: Stay Connected When Travelling

A power bank, though its purpose is to charge your mobile, also needs charging. Apologies for stating the obvious. We just wants to be sure you understand this aspect of it. It usually have input sockets wherein you can connect them to the USB port of your laptop. However, it fills up quicker when plugged to a wall socket adapter.

Some of the the fastest-charging ones out there have a Lithium Ion core. They are also less costly and won’t easily damage your handheld.

Other Types:

Solar-Charged Power Bank. As its name suggests, it has panels that are sensitive to sunlight. This type of battery can be charged when placed under sunlight. However, it will take much longer for its battery to fill up compared to regular chargers.

Another is the Battery Phone Case Power Bank. This was one of the firsts that came out and was ahead of its time. Still, very useful. Only, its very phone-type specific and can hold only specific sizes.

Our Go-To Universal Power Bank:

The reason we’ve tagged this as one of our favorites is that it’s wireless! You can charge your phone by simply laying it on top of the power bank (See Picture above). No hassles of attaching and removing chords and whatnot. Moreover, it has a capacity of 30,000 mAh! Charging while travelling on a whole other level!

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