Top US Vacation Destination Ideas for 2021

top us vacation destination

The top US vacation destination is without doubt the great state of California. The US is a huge country of fifty states covering an immense stretch of North America, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Major American cities are New York, an international financial and cultural centre, and capital Washington, DC, and Midwestern cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles. Midwestern metropolis Chicago is well known for its architecture and Hollywood on the west side, Los Angeles is famous for its glamorous culture and thriving music industry. There are many great beaches in California as well as a number of golf courses. The best time to take your vacation in this wonderful state is from the summer to the winter.

San Diego- California

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The top US vacation destination in the summer months is San Diego, California. It is not surprising that with its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego has become a major tourist attraction with its large variety of hotels, spas, restaurants and golf courses. Another great option is the San Francisco Bay area. Besides being home to California’s most popular surfer-people, the Pacific Ocean offers miles of beautiful sandy beaches to explore. Among the top-rated resorts in San Diego is the Black’s Beach, which is recognized as one of the greatest surf spots in the world.

Miami, Florida is another top US vacation destination in the south. This southern destination is famous for its rich culture, amazing scenery, fun fairs, sports, art museums, water parks and outdoor activities. Here you will also discover one of the world’s largest historic monuments-the Statue of Liberty.

Georgia- Top US Vacation Destination

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If you like to travel to the southern US, Savannah, Georgia is the perfect place for you. Its historic spots, fun fairs, festivals and restaurants make Savannah an all-encompassing vacation experience. A visit toSavannah should include a trip to Lake Itasca, which is the largest natural lake in the state. There are many top-rated attractions here, such as the Cataloochee River where visitors can kayak, canoe and spend time swimming. Another attraction worth exploring is the historic Cataloochee Village. The village was among the first planned towns built along the Mississippi River, which still serves as a thriving place of tourism today.

For those traveling to New York City, the best place to visit is the Empire State Building. You will get a breathtaking view of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. The best way to explore New York City is by taking the Big Apple bus or subway. But if you prefer to explore on foot, you can visit the many top-rated hotels in New York City, including the Four Seasons, Peninsula, Westin and City Inn.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

For those traveling to the east coast, a must-see spot is Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can walk from New York City to Brooklyn through this park. Brooklyn Bridge Park also offers amazing views of the East River with ferry rides. The renovated park now features breathtaking architecture, benches, gardens and waterfalls. Tourists staying in New York hotels near Brooklyn Bridge Park can explore a new area of the city by day and then head back to Brooklyn by night for a unique experience.

While in Brooklyn, you can also visit the world-famous Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Zoo. This park offers a lot of opportunities to walk around historic botany and take in all the scenery around you. At the zoo, you can learn about birds, mammals, amphibians, as well as reptiles and amphibians. The Brooklyn Museum of Art features works from famous artists like Andy Warhol and prints by Milton Glaser.

Wrapping Up

For a more cultural experience, tourists going to the Empire State Building should head out to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These two destinations are among the top US vacation destinations in New York City. These museums offer a variety of exhibits, tours and programs that will surely entertain and impress you. For a more cultural experience, why not head out to one of the many bars and restaurants that are found in NYC? A great nightlife is always available when you’re visiting the city, so why not enjoy it while you’re there?

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