Top 6 Best Beach Vacations In The US

Top 6 Best Beach Vacations In The US

If you are planning your vacation to the US, then you would want to visit the serene beaches. The best beach vacations in the US include about six beaches. The beaches are quiet, beautiful and the crowd is also less. These beaches equally scatter the flock and let the visitors enjoy the summers.

The first thing you have to do is to book your trip and rent a hotel. Next, you need to plan the places to visit and execute it. To decide the places you want to see, you must know the options to select. Keeping aside the beautiful towns and cities, the beaches of the US have always been the best tourist attraction. In this article, you will know about the best beach vacations in the US.

Best Beach Vacations In US – Monterey Beach In California

  • Monterey beach is an excellent place for relaxing and getting lost in the beauty of nature.
  • This beach is located far from the crowded locations and is also appreciated by locals for that.
  • You can enjoy surfing with the waves or sit and watch them break.
  • It also has an aquarium having a collection of marine species.

Wellfleet In Massachusetts

Top 6 Best Beach Vacations In The US
Top 6 Best Beach Vacations In The US
  • This beach has a 2 miles land and also consists of beautiful kettle pools.
  • It has a beautiful environment and the art galleries nearby will tell you the story of Wellfleet.
  • Oysters, the great food in this place is worth tasting.

Sanibel Island In Florida

  • This island is one of the best beach vacations In the US to collect and adore the beautiful seashells.
  • The conservationists here spend a lot of time and effort to keep their home clean and tidy.
  • If you want to spend a leisure vacation time, you can come over to Sanibel Island.

Best Beach Vacations In Us – Traverse City In Michigan

Top 6 Best Beach Vacations In The US
Top 6 Best Beach Vacations In The US
  • Traverse Bay is famous for its great Cherry Festival. Hiking and Cycling encourage visitors to love this place.
  • Many small beaches altogether make Traverse Bay.
  • If you are fond of lounging or canoeing, then Spider Lake is going to be the best option for you.

Carova In North Carolina

  • This beach is possibly located in the outskirts and has no defined path to reach here.
  • You can book a vacation rental home for yourself as there are no resorts in this place.
  • This place is mainly for people who took vacations to cut themselves off from the world.
  • You need to share your leisure time with the wild horses passing by.

Best Beach vacations In US – Rockport In Texas

  • This seaside is proven to be one of the best bird watching spots.
  • It also has Fulton Mansion, to attract the tourists and the appetites are amazing.
  • You can go down the Rockport Park for a morning walk or a cycling tour.

These are some of the best beach vacations in the US, so when you plan your tour to the US, add the beach trips along with the busy and lively cities. You and your family will always require a beach to chill out in your summer vacations.

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