Top 4 Affordable Vacation Destination in the world

Affordable Vacation Destination

One of the dreams of many people is to travel the world and explore. After months of strenuous work, you need a great vacation where you can just relax, enjoy the day, and have fun. There are a lot of great places to visit on earth. A major limitation of many is the budget. They just cannot get a nice place that fits into their budget. Well, that is because you have been looking in the wrong place. This article has selected 4 great places you can go on vacation. You can enjoy the serene environment, get a standard service, and save more money.

Here are 4 Destinations to go for your next vacation 


A castle on top of a lush green field

Laos is a Southeast Asian country and it is quite mountainous. For people who love a natural environment where they can relax, visit temples and monasteries, this is a great place to be. Laos has underground river caves and some waterfalls. In LAOS, you can keep your daily budget to as low as $30. There are various activities which you can do during your vacation in Laos and they are relatively cheap. You will pay as low as $2.50 to see some of their waterfalls and get a great massage for $7. Although getting a room might be slightly expensive, you can still get a comfy hostel room for about $35. 


A house with a mountain in the middle of a body of water

Romania is a European country popularly known for the legendary Dracula tale. It is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. It is also home to many medieval towns, fortified churches, and castles. The Literacy rate is about 98.84% so you do not have to worry about not being understood by the locals. Vacation in Romania can be quite fun and very affordable too. There are many beautiful parks to visit, you can also take a walk in the medieval villages and enjoy the view. They also offer free walking tours to various historical sites in the country. You can get a great hostel to stay in at $10-$15 per night. Transportation is affordable and they have delicious meals too. You can choose to cook your own meal as getting fresh produce from their local market is quite easy. 


This is another great location to have quite some fun. It is located in the Southern region of North America. Although people are always skeptical about a trip to Mexico due to safety issues in the country. However, violence does not take place in all parts of the country and there are some pretty great places you can visit with less crime. It has a very rich culture and some great food. Mexico is a relatively cheap place to visit, you can explore cenotes for as low as $3. Their street food is great. It mostly includes tortillas, tacos, and quesadillas. You can get cheap accommodation at a price range of $8 – $15 per night in a hostel. 


It is home to the Kruger National Park famous for its big game. It can be a fun place to visit and relatively cheap too. The exchange rate can favor you if you are traveling with USD or Euro. They call their hostel accommodation “backpackers”, quite pretty and affordable. With a price range of about $12 – $15 per night. To save money in this country, consider cooking your own food, as food can be quite expensive. Transportation around the country might be limited in some parts so your best bet might be to rent a car. 

Here are the top 4 affordable vacation destinations in the world. If you are a lover of fun and visiting great places, you might want to put these locations into your plans. Save up for a vacation in the above places and have the best time of your life. Remember, Life is for the living so live it.

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