The Top 5 Amazing Beach Vacation Spots In The World

Beach Vacation Spots

Beaches are the perfect place to spend holidays. There are many amazing vacation spots that beach lovers must visit. Some people love the wide stretched sand lines. And a few like to watch desert of shorelines with calm water, while others wish to enjoy water activities. So, no matter what you like, here are some of the best beaches in the world.

Fiji – One Of The Best Beach Vacation Spots

Fiji is one of the best vacation spots in the world for those who are seeking paradise. You can find 333 islands, sparkling water, endless pristine sand, and resplendent resorts. It attracts love birds, has the best archipelago waves, and coral reefs, as well as adventure seekers such as divers and surfers. 

Fiji is more than 1300 to 1350 miles from the North Island of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. You should also visit mantra rays in Yasawas, Taveuni, for scuba diving, as well as the garden of the sleeping giant.

Beach Vacation Spots For A Relaxing Holiday
Beach Vacation Spots For A Relaxing Holiday

Tropical Paradise – Maldives

The Maldives features 22 atolls of ring shape and has a total of 1200 islands. Every single beach looks more beautiful and attractive than the other one. It has pearlescent sand, blue water, long palm trees, and an amazing sunset, which is perfect for honeymooners. It also has relaxing spas, and all visitors have to visit the Maldivian capital of Male. Here you can have a great experience of staying in underwater hotels. It is situated between the Arabian and the Laccadive seas. Most importantly, do not miss exploring Maldives’ victory that is filled with sharks. 

The Third Most Amazing Beach Vacation Spots Are Bora Bora

Bora Bora is full of stunning beaches, ritzy resorts, and green jungles. It is 2 miles wide and 6 miles long. It’s also filled with natural beauty. The volcano rises at its center. Furthermore, snorkelers can explore Vaitape, which gives utter relaxation. This beach is also perfect for sunbathing. If you enjoy and want to do adventure activities, then snorkeling and shark-feeding is available. On the other hand, if you love climbing, you must see Mount Otemanu.


Tahiti is a must-visit beach for those who love gourmet French cuisine. It consists of 118 islands full of verdant jungles, sandy shores, and lavish resorts. It is famous for its sparkling sand and crystal clear water, and a perfect honeymoon destination. Tahiti is also best for surfing conditions. You should visit Papette that it is the capital city, as well. Those who love adventure should visit Haleakala, with its cultural sites such as banyan Tree Park, Iao valley state park, Lahaina luau. Furthermore, if you are traveling with kids, you should visit the Maui ocean center. 

Best Beach Vacation Spots
Best Beach Vacation Spots


If you want to see Hawaii’s beauty without the crowd, you should then visit Maui. It is a family-friendly beach. The south shore attracts families, and the north shore attracts active travelers. It consists of impressive wildlife and beautiful history. It is divided into 5 different regions. South Maui has the famous Wailea beach. In the West of Maui, there is the Kaanapali beach. And in East Maui, you should travel to the road of Hana. In central Maui, you must visit the Lao Valley, State Park.


Beaches are ideal for holidays for everyone, whether you are a newly-wed couple, or love adventurous activities, etc. Hence, check out the 5 best options discussed, and make sure to explore them.

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