Summer Vacation Destinations – 5 Favorite Vacation Destination Ideas

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Lake Tahoe is a Northern California favorite vacation destination due to its abundance of recreational activities and beautiful scenery all year long. Here in Lake Tahoe you can find hiking, snowboarding, skiing, boating and swimming along the beach. One of the best things to do at Lake Tahoe is climb to the top of that white, powdery mountain to view the elegant architectural style of Vikingsholm. You can view many more breathtaking views up the side of this Tahoe resort area.


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Another popular activity at the lake is parasailing. This is very popular at this location because of all the different locations that are available to jump from. Some of the popular places to jump from include Mt. Telegraph, Rocket Barrage, and Green Barrage. You can also enjoy a quiet day on a boat while viewing sailing races around the island.

If water sports are not your thing at the lake Tahoe then you can still spend your days soaking up views of the stunning vistas around the island. One of the best places to do this is to go on a nature trail. Some of these trails are located near the Tahoe town of Hanalei, which is located just above the Tahoe town of Hanalei Beach. You can easily spend a day enjoying the sights and sounds along this nature trail as well as taking part in some exciting water sports.

Tahitian Vacation Destinations

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A popular activity that is found at all of these Tahitian vacation destinations is parasailing. There are a number of resorts and hotels that offer parasailing lessons. If you have never been parasailing before you should try it at least once at one of these resorts. After you learn how to do it and you decide you want to venture out into the open waters then you can do so. Some of the more popular beaches, you will want to check out when it comes to parasailing include Kailua Creek and Hanalei Beach.

One of the other great things about these islands is that they offer up some great shopping experiences. There are all kinds of wonderful things that you can do in these locations. Some of the top vacation destinations to visit include Freeport, Paradise, and Key West. In addition to great shopping, these locations are great for enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Napa Valley Vacation Destinations

If you love the idea of taking a nap during the day then you should really consider staying at one of the Napa Valley vacation destinations. One such place to stay is the Crystal inn. This is a hotel that offers rooms to suit every budget. The rooms feature modern furnishings and many of them are overlooking scenic views of this beautiful region. You will also be able to spend summer vacation with family and friends because this is one of the best places to play golf in the world.

Summing Up

You should take a look at some of these wonderful summer vacation destinations when it comes to finding a perfect getaway location for your next vacation. Vacationing here allows you to spend time relaxing in peaceful surroundings and you can enjoy all kinds of fun activities. This is the perfect way to end your vacation and to enjoy the kind of relaxation that you need after a busy day.

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