Summer Hair Care: Keeping Your Hair Under Control

Summer Hair Care: Tips For Summer Hairdos

Summer, for most of us, is the time of the year when we can let go and loose. However, more often than, not this season also means humidity and or drought. And for our hair, either of those two can spell disaster. Especially when we want to achieve that beautiful, carefree summer look. Summer hair care? Here we come!

Choosing Summer Products:

First, condition. Never take a shower when you’ve only shampooed your hair. Merely shampooing may work during cold season, but not this one. Heat and humidity damage our hair follicles and make them look dry. Additionally, they make our hair frizzy and therefore easily tangled.

Conditioners softens our strands and allow for ease of combing. Plus, they give it that nice salon-like shine and bounce! By the way, if you’re more into leave on shampoos and conditioners, those are alright as well. Just choose ones that make your crown of glory less oily.

Second, try not to use artificial products everyday. Or at least, use them sparingly. Our trusty hair spray holds our do in place. But if used too often, its chemicals mixed with humidity can cake in our strands. Look for lightweight hair spray if you can. That’ll do the trick as well.

Third. This one’s related to the first tip. Don’t shampoo and condition everyday. Also, this tip should be used even in other seasons as well. Products, when used too much, weigh down our hair. So try to get used to not relying on them every day.

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Summer Hair Care: Tips For Summer Hairdos

Fourth. For that bounce that’s salon-like, either use dry shampoo or volume powder. For this, really, it’s trial and error. Stick to ones that let your hair feel light and won’t feel sticky after a whole day out in the sun.

Summer Hairdo Tips:

One. Girl, let your hair down and let it loose! Either blow dry or flat-iron it straight for a classy look. Make sure to apply heat protecting serum before using those heat-inducing appliancies. Spray or apply for favorite hair shine product as the finishing touch.

Two. Beach curls. Also known as beach waves. When using a curling iron, wrap hair around the device in a direction that pulls away from your face. The starting point of each curl should be slightly different from one another, to allow for a natural appearance. Once that’s done, come through the curls with your fingers and hair-spray it (not an actual term). Similarly, use a paddle hairbrush to comb through it once, just once per part, and apply hair spray.

Summer Hair Care: Tips For Summer Hairdos

Three. The bun. You can never go wrong with this. It’s easy to create and is easy on the eyes. When you’re on a rush and don’t have time for tips 1 and 2, this will be your life saver. Tie your hair in a single ponytail. And with the use of a hair donut or without, twist it so that it becomes a “bun” shape.

Secure with hairpins or an elastic hair rubber band. Use the end of a long a thin comb (you can also use chopsticks) to loose the hair from the top of your head. The less tight, the more comfortable. Plus, it’ll look like the no-effort kind of do. Spritz with hair spray.

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