Rehoboth Beach Vacation Rentals Things to Do on Your Stay

rehoboth beach vacation rentals

What is the absolute lowest price for a cheap all inclusive vacation at Rehoboth Beach in Massachusetts? The absolute lowest price anyone can find for an all inclusive vacation at any time is about $2,500 per individual for a four day stay. This also includes a free breakfast each day at one of their beach-front restaurants. There are usually lots of other vacation amenities to enjoy as well. One of them is a free Reebok pump and shoe polo that come with your stay.

An Overview

There are many different attractions in Rehoboth Beach for those who want to spend their days on the beach or walk along the boardwalk during the warmer months. In addition to the many summertime attractions such as the annual Sea Lion parade, the butterfly show and the lobster tournament, families have fun going to the annual Ocean Breeze event. This is held every year in early August and early September and is filled with waterslides, fireworks, inflatable rentals and other great things to do during the day.

Another great thing about vacation rentals in Rehoboth is that they offer full inclusive vacation packages year round. This is convenient for travelers who want to avoid the high costs of renting a home or apartment in the New England area. Most vacation rental owners will also include all the necessary hook ups such as transportation to the ferry that takes you to the island and back as well as a room and some extra amenities like television and hot tubs. When you book your room, you will usually be able to rent out an entire suite for eight people for about half the cost of a single room. If you plan to stay for just a couple of days, the cost is a little less per person, but for the week you can expect to spend nearly as much as it would cost to stay at a hotel.

Top Services

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Some of the other great things about the hotels and inns in Rehoboth are that they have great indoor pools, tennis courts, billiard tables, private showers and babysitting services. The hotels also offer convenience such as free internet access, onsite parking, onsite restaurants and dining options, laundry facilities and fitness centers. In addition to these features, most Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals feature beautifully decorated guest rooms with cable TV, coffee makers, hairdryers and refrigerator-freezers.

If you’re looking for good deals when it comes to booking your next family vacation, you should definitely take a look at some of the amazing options that are available in the area of Rehoboth Beach. One of the best things about staying in one of the many Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals is that you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else who might be sleeping at the same hotel. For families, this can be an important factor in being able to enjoy the time together as a family. Another thing to think about is that when you rent a cottage on the shore, you won’t need to worry about doing your grocery shopping or stocking up on food because you’ll always find fresh produce and delicious dishes waiting for you at the local supermarket down the road. The local delis and grocery stores in town provide plenty of shopping opportunities for travelers and vacationers, which will leave you with nothing to fill up when you get back from your trip.

Things To Visit

For people who prefer to be out of the warm Atlantic Ocean all year long, there are dozens of great beaches and vacation homes that are only a short distance from the sandy shores of Rehoboth Beach. These include the Delancey Estate, Surf and Sand, Tuckerman Estate and Wilson Cove. While you might not wish to spend your days walking along the beaches every day, it will be a good idea to set up some exercise plans so that you can get healthy while enjoying your stay at one of these relaxing accommodations.

Even those who want to be closer to the warm ocean can do just that when they rent a vacation home by the sea. Two of the more popular areas where tourists and day-trippers look for their perfect Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals are Fort Walton Beach and Sunset beaches, which are only a short distance away from each other.

No matter what your budget is, you can find a cottage for rent on the Rehoboth Beach vacation property. This includes beach vacation homes, condos and townhomes, so no matter what type of residence you’re looking for you can find it on the beaches of Maryland. If you’re looking for a place to relax with your family and friends, then a beach cottage or house will work well for you. You can also use your Rehoboth Beach vacation rental as a romantic getaway, especially if you book it right along the beach.


The best way to get to the town of Rehoboth is to take a train. From the Port Washington station, there are a number of different trains that stop in different cities around the Maryland city. In Baltimore, you can hop on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and travel through a tunnel to get to the Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals. The train leaves the station daily, making it easy for travelers to get to the vacation rentals of choice. Baltimore is also just a few minutes away from Howard County, where you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in the state.

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