Ms. Manson – A Novel Review

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Two bickering, yet friendly brothers make an impulsive reunion to tour the infamous Charlie Manson crime scenes. Told by their attorney, the brothers are ordered to remain within the district of Chalfont, Maryland, where their trial will be held. However, they evade capture and manage to get into a further discussion with their lawyer concerning their case.

First Stop Is A Local Hotel

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Their first stop is a local hotel where their lawyer meets with them. From there, they go to the house where their grandmother was killed in the name of the band’s idol. There they learn that their mother was not really murdered but rather sedated with a drug. They also learn the identities of the two brothers who orchestrated her murder and discover the reason why they were locked out of the crime scenes.

Vacation Continues As The Newly Reunited Family Ponders

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Following this discovery, the Manson family vacation continues as the newly reunited family ponders what to do with Marilyn. The death valley area is unfit for kids and they decline to visit. Consequently, they buy a train set and plan a trip. En route, they stop at a diner where their adopted brother runs into his ex-wife. Together they reconcile and make plans for a return trip.

On their way back to the United States, they stop at Daffodil Flat where their adopted brother runs into another man. These two men become good friends and the attraction develops between them. This begins to change the course of the vacation and the two brothers finally end up with Marilyn. Meanwhile, their birth mother tries to contact them but she too is unable to reach them.

The next morning, the remaining members of the Manson family head up to the death valley. They all prepare to camp but when the group discovers two boys in a rut, they decide to abandon their plans. Nevertheless, they are forced to meet at the train station. Their adopted brother dabs some cocaine and falls asleep on the train but the other brother goes to the restroom and snorts some cocaine as well.

Stops At Los Angeles

When the train finally stops at Los Angeles, the entire family goes to breakfast. During the course of the morning, both brothers overhear a conversation involving the birth mother and lawyer that take place off the record. Shortly thereafter, they overhear a conversation in which Marilyn’s birth mother attempts to convince her older brother that she ought to be put to sleep. She tells her brother that he should tell her family man about the situation or he’ll think it is her idea to hire a hit man to take care of her.

The two brothers go to meet their birth mother. She talks to them about the death valley ranch where she had raised Marilyn and offers them employment. The two brothers return to the road trip and proceed to tell their birth mother everything they know regarding their childhood. As soon as they return home, the two brothers are shocked to find out that their grandmother has hired a hit man to take care of them.

Last Wor

The author has a talent for creating strong characters, but sometimes she simplifies too much or creates characters that you don’t care about, like the sister of a former President. However, I do admire the author’s ability to keep your attention throughout the entire book. I would recommend this to readers that like legal fiction with a touch of romance. If you enjoy action, this book is not for you, but if you like law practice, this book will keep you reading. For a law firm and a family vacation, “Ms. Manson: A Novel” should be a perfect fit.

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