Joyful Mexican Family Vacation

mexican family vacation

There are many places in Mexico that are worth visiting with your family. There are many exciting activities for kids and luxury resorts where you can spend quaint moments with family and friends. We have listed some of the best vacation spots in Mexico.

Manzanillo, Mexico

A body of water

Another lovely and affordable beach town, Manzanillo has plenty of affordable stays and hotel options for the tourists. It is a port city that has many long beaches. For those who love to sample different varieties of seafood, this is the place they should explore. You can easily stay at budget-friendly destinations and hotels which are conveniently located close to the beaches here.

Club Med Cancun Yucatan – Cancun, Mexico

a boat

The lovely half-mile stretch of beach in Cancun at the Club Med Cancun Yucatan has plenty to offer to the tourists. Guests can swim and indulge in boogie boarding here. The resort offers all-inclusive packages that are perfect for kids to go for sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing and more. There is a very shallow lagoon for the water skiers and hence everyone, including amateurs can practice waterskiing adventures. You also get daylong activities for kids and teens. The resort offers swimming with dolphins packages. You can also submerge yourself in cages and enjoy a close-up view of sharks contained in a particular area. 

Acoma Pueblo

Acoma Pueblo is perched at 357 foot high mesa on the western side of Albuquerque. This mesa had been inhabited by the Acoma people way back in the 1100 A.D. They lived for some time longer in this area and surrounding to this Pueblo. One can find the remains of the ancient San Esteban del Rey Mission church here. It is one of the oldest surviving European church. This place can be reached after a 1.5 hour walking tour.

Palace of the Governors

This is one of the oldest buildings in the nation that has been in use till today. It was constructed in the 1610 and is Spain’s first royal governor’s house. The building is pivotal to New Mexican history and has also been present during the Spanish colonial times. It is a witness to important events like the Pueblo revolt and the Confederates in the Civil War. If these walls could talk, they would tell you so many stories of what they have seen all these years.

Puerto Vallarta

This city in Mexico is actually a beach destination situated towards the Pacific coastal end. It is famously called Vallarta. It is a famous playground for America’s social elite. It is also famous amongst foreigners looking for holiday homes, beach homes and warmer climate homes. One can swim with dolphins and indulge in water activities like paragliding and jet skiing. There are also many arts and crafts shops for tourists. 

These are some of the exciting Mexican Family Vacations you should visit with your family and friends.

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