Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Why Season four Is different From Past Seasons

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This season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is totally different from past ones; the most important amendment is the situation where it had been recorded. MTV’s Jersey Shore has returned in a protracted manner since the show 1st aired twelve years ago. Not solely has every solid member grown up and matured since season one. However, most of them have conjointly gone on to urge marriage and begin families of their own. Once most of the solid united came to motion-picture photography six years after the first show’s finish, fans anticipated the spinoff would be somewhat different from the first series. However, they were excited to envision their favorite roomies back along. Now, the current season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is totally different from the other seasons of the franchise.

Ditched The Bathing Suits

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Although the Jersey Shore franchise has been around since 2009, most of the seasons throughout each of the first and spinoff series are comparatively similar. Motion-picture photography usually takes place throughout the summer months or in a very place that has hotter weather year-round. For the primary time ever, the solid ditched their bathing suits for winter jackets as they headed to the Pocono Mountains to film the current season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. whereas the solid has recorded throughout winter months within the past, they need ne’er recorded in an icy atmosphere


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With a replacement amendment in scenery comes new activities for the solid to require. This season, the roomies have tried out snow tubing, skating, bowling, and even had a mock match, moreover as a mock couple’s program. They conjointly celebrated some major life milestones, like pregnancies, engagements, and microphone “The Situation ” Sorrentino’s five years of sobriety. As nearly all of them square measure in committed relationships, each friend apart from Vinny Guadagnino brought their mate on for the trip. Even Ronnie Ortiz-Magro introduced his now-fiancée Sapphire Matos to the crazy bunch. Additionally, Deena Cortese and Jenni “JWoww” Farley conjointly brought their children on the trip. whereas the children don’t seem to be seen in each episode, they need to create additional appearances than they did within the past

While Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wasn’t in any of the episodes last season, she created her long-awaited comeback to the show. However, she has not been in each episode. This is often the primary season wherever Snooki may be a solid member however it doesn’t seem in each episode. For years, Snooki was the star of the show. Whereas this has not been modified, her less frequent appearances produce a unique sorrowful fan observation of the series. Nicole is anticipated to create one more come once she meets up with the cluster within the Poconos for Jenni’s surprise celebration.

Final Say 

Although a great deal has been modified for the Jersey Shore roomies, one factor can ne’er amend – the drama. Whereas this season has been different from past ones, there has still been an associate degree Brobdingnagian drama seen throughout the episodes. Abundant of it’s been encompassing Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding to Chris Larangeira. Because the drama has finally died down, there’s little doubt one thing can presently spark some new fights and feuds amongst the roomies…

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