Great Toys For The Pool To Take On Vacation

Pool Toys And Games For Family Fun

Summers and pleasant weather always call for some time outside of our concrete jungles. Whether it’s out of the office or simply out of our homes, spending time outside refreshes and rejuvenates our minds and bodies. Now that your vacation mode is turned up, why not spice up your family trip by visiting a resort. That, and have with you pool toys and games to up the fun level!

Pool Toys And Games: Safety First

It’s definitely all fun and games when it comes to going swimming with the family on a perfect summer’s day! Vacationing always gets us positive and pumped up. All the stresses of work and daily life get lifted when we break it with quick to long trips outside the four walls of our home or office. Moreover, getaways allow us to refocus and even strengthen our family bond.

When it comes it planning fun activities at the pool, it’s easy to be too carefree and carried away by the moment. Below are a few pointers so that your trip will be safe and sound as well.

Basic Pool Safety Tips

First, make time to go through pool safety instructions before heading out. Make sure everyone’s there. Adults and kids alike. This might sound too formal but it’s one of the most neglected tips parents tend to forget about. Not only will the fam be reminded of going out there and being careful. At the same time, they will have a sense of alertness for one another’s’ safety.

Second, never let kids swim alone. Have them in pairs or more. Kids should always have at least an adult standing by. Not that we’re asking you to be overprotective. Protection. That’s the term we want here. If you notice someone is no longer in your line of sight, immediately do a search. Not to scare you, but every second is as important as the next.

Pool Toys And Games; Plus Safety Tips

Follow the rules about pool height. Some parents want to be the “cool” moms and dads by letting their children be daredevils in pools too deep for their height. Mommies and daddies, not this please.

Toys that have wheels such as trikes, etc. should be kept away from the pool area. Always assume that the ground around the pool is slippery and can easily cause accidents.

Always have a phone with you. Make sure it’s charged! Your handheld isn’t only to keep you entertained as you connect to social media and the web while on vaca. It should be on standby next to you in case of emergencies.

Water Toys For Everyone!

Be creative when it comes to your family swimming trips. Swimming itself, wading in the pool, is fun in itself. However, kick it up a notch by having games that involve the whole family!

Game 1: Floater Race. Have donut-shaped floaters, 2 that are adult-sized and another 2, kid-sized. Form 2 teams. It’s a simple racing game. Whoever can “walk” and “wade” (not swim) underwater, which the donut floaters around their waist the fastest, wins. Hint: the floaters are there as a safety precaution as well.

Game 2: Dragon Tail

Form two teams and have each team line their members up. Everyone should be grabbing onto the shoulders of the person in front of them. All except the person at the “head” of the line. The objective is to have the “head” catch the member at the end of the “tail”. The team with the most “catches” wins. Hint: children should be in between adults at all times.

Finally, you can also use pool toys in creating games. Check out the button below to get an idea on how to do it!

Pool Toys And Games; Plus Safety Tips
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