Gay Vacation Destinations In Thailand

gay vacation destination

With the beautiful ancient architecture, delicious cuisine and gay friendly hotels, Siem Reap is an ideal gay vacation destination for gay travel explorers. This incredible ruin of the Khmer dynasty stands as a testament to the power and wealth of its royal families. Over the centuries, the city has been a major crossroads between Asia and Africa, and today it is a vibrant cultural center of the Angkorian realm. Tourists to Siem Reap can experience the true culture of this beautiful, mostly Western-educated country. Here are some of the must-see attractions:

Sihanoukville And Lamai – Best

The island is home to a vibrant gay nightlife. In addition to the openly gay beaches of Sihanoukville and Lamai, travelers can step outside into the beautiful Patong Beach in Siem Reap’s quieter western section. Known for its stunning cliffside restaurants, bars and nightclubs, this area of the island is a favorite among visitors looking for some gay nightlife with a good view. Patong is also where visitors can go deep sea fishing, hire a scuba diving team, or snorkel with colorful tropical fish. There’s no reason to leave Patong without visiting its infamous “Seatak Restaurant,” which is frequented by the likes of American politicians, Hollywood celebrities and supermodels.

The island’s gay bars offer a wide array of entertainment. The Kranjska Beach Hotel is an excellent place to explore the history of the gay liberation movement in Cambodia. Another popular gay bar in the city is the Matrix. A student gay bar in Phnom Phen’s old quarter, the Matrix is a live music venue that often features local bands and DJs. Other popular gay bars on the island include City Club and Tivoli Cafe.

The Angkorian Town Of Sihanoukville

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The Angkorian town of Sihanoukville offers travelers a colorful and engaging gay beach. There are two areas of the town that are open to gay beach access: Anonyleng and Kamala. In addition to the gay beach, there are gay bars and clubs for locals and tourists to enjoy. Another important aspect of this gay vacation destination is that it is one of the few places in Asia where gay tourism is legal.

Thailand’s biggest city, Bangkok is perhaps the best known of the Thai gay vacation destinations. However, there are other locales beyond Bangkok that are equally or more appealing to gay travelers. Pattaya and Ayutthaya are also worth exploring if you’re looking for a unique experience in Thailand’s colorful, exotic nightlife. Bangkok may be the hub of Thailand’s gay nightlife, but other locales also provide a glimpse into Thai culture and life.

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City

Other gay vacation destinations include Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. There are several clubs and pubs in the city that are gay friendly, although the atmosphere can be a little more boisterous than in Bangkok. In addition to the nightlife, Ho Chi Minh City offers some excellent Vietnamese food to enjoy while you’re on vacation. Other attractions in Vietnam include the massive Thuy Tu Temple, and other worthwhile historic sites. Vietnam is another excellent choice for gay bars and nightclubs.

The island house of Phuket, off the western coast of Thailand, is another popular gay vacation destination. If you’re looking for an exotic, charming getaway, Phuket will definitely be high on your list. There are several popular gay beaches in Phuket, with the most famous ones being Karon Beach and Phi Island. These two offer breathtaking water views as well as gay nightlife. There is a great deal to see and do in Phuket, and you should make plans to visit as soon as possible.

Final Words

There are several other places in Thailand that are popular with gay travelers. These destinations include Patong Beach in Phuket, the gay quarter in Bangkok, and Koh Samui, which is famous for its nude beaches. Nakhon Phanom is another hot spot, where gay travelers frequent by the hundreds. The Thais are very welcoming of gay travelers, and there are even public baths available for gay people to use. Thailand has got something for everyone. As long as you are willing to invest a bit of time into planning your trip, you should have an amazing time.

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