Essential Beach Vacation Packaging List Items

beach vacation packing list

It’s summertime again, and it’s time to start thinking about packing for a beach vacation. Whether you’re planning a trip with your family or just for a fun day on the beach, packing for a beach vacation is quite simple. The main items that you should consider when packing for a beach vacation include sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, towels, swimsuit, beach bags or camping bags, beach toys (if children are included), sunscreen lotion, a portable air compressor, extra moisturizer, sunglasses, extra tissues, lip balm and lotions, a sun hat, a beach towel, and a first aid kit. However, be sure that the items on your beach vacation packing list are not the only things you plan to bring with you. Always check with your doctor first so that he can supply you with any necessary prescriptions.

Take Your Sunglasses With You

A sandy beach next to a body of water

Make sure that sunglasses are on top of your beach vacation packing list too. Not only do sand and saltwater cause damage to your expensive designer sunglasses, but the UV rays from the sun can also harm your skin. Also, bring along an inexpensive but still very stylish pair of sunglasses for functional UV protection.

Water Bottles

A man carrying a surf board on a body of water

Another item on your beach vacation packing list should be water bottles. Water bottles provide a practical way to keep your kids hydrated on a hot, sandy day. If your kids are swimming, water bottles can protect them from drowning if they get into the water and get wet. If your kids are not going to be swimming and are more of the “snorkeling” variety, water bottles are a great way to stay hydrated and ready to go anytime. Keep in mind that a good sturdy plastic water bottle will last for a long time and won’t break easily under the sun’s heat and the salt of the ocean water.

Beach Bag

Another item on your beach vacation packing list should be a beach bag to store everything in. Beach bags come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles to fit your beach activities the best. They are usually made of soft, breathable materials that won’t hold in the ocean’s intense heat or the salty, moist sand. A good beach bag will pack all of your beach toys, shells, jewelry, sun cream, and any other little extras you have lying around.


The third item on your beach vacation packing list should be a swimsuit. A good swimsuit should fit comfortably and be sturdy enough to withstand the sun and the salty ocean water. One idea is to buy a few different swimsuits to wear them depending on where you want to go and what the weather is like. Think about whether you will be playing in the sand, snorkeling, or just walking around in the water. Also, consider the time of year and whether you plan to bring a swimsuit with you.

The fourth and final item on your beach vacation packing list should be a travel pillow. You should think about buying travel pillows for yourself. There is nothing worse than having an uncomfortable night’s sleep because you’re too tired to enjoy the beach. If you don’t want to buy a travel pillow or you don’t have the money to do so, don’t worry because you can take comfort in the fact that there are many great travel pillows available to take on your next beach trip.


The fifth and final item on your beach vacation packing list should be sunglasses, a sun hat, and tanning cream. If you don’t already have these items packed away, they should be on top of your list. Pack sunscreen and a sun hat every time you hit the beach so you will be prepared for the sun’s rays and the tan. Also, make sure you pack a couple of tanning creams so you can get that golden sparkle on your skin.

Final Words

Now that you have read this article, you know how important it is to put these items on your beach vacation packing list and ensure you have all the other items you need on your list. You don’t want to leave any of these items behind, so now is the perfect time to start planning your trip. Start with packing your suitcase and getting all the items you need on your list. When you get to your travel destination, be sure to read the directions for where you will need to go. After your trip has been planned, you can enjoy your trip knowing you had a wonderful experience. Enjoy your beach vacation!

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