Best Available Cheap Vacation Destinations

cheap vacation destinations

Are you fond of traveling but don’t have a penny to spare? Do you often dream of going to different and amusing places but don’t have enough money? Well, the world is a big and huge place with a whopping number of places catering to different sections of society. While some places are meant solely for Mr. and Mrs. Money bags, there is an equal amount of vacation spots that are quite affordable for broke people. Travel is not necessarily costly only! Following is a list of 6 cheap vacation destinations to visit for broke people wherein they can have the time of their lives without feeling burdened with heavy prices.

affordable and cheap vacation destinations
Affordable and Cheap Vacation Destinations

Cheap Vacation Destinations

Auckland, New Zealand:

To get the most bang out of your buck this place is ideal for those free-spirited travelers who are ready to compromise staying in a hostel rather than a 4 star hotel and yet enjoy nature’s bounty of that place. The food and accommodations are quite cheap in here and one will be aghast at the sheer beauty of the pristine landscape. The only thing you need to spend some bucks on is the airfare.

Marrakech, Morocco

This Moroccan beauty managed to pull in a large fleet of crowd back in 2015. It’s amazing and diverse food and its tropical climate seemed to be the perfect destination for young tourists besotted by the Moroccan décor and way of life. Life is quite laid back in here and not that costly. Between October to May is the best time to travel as the prices take a dip.

Machu Pichu, Peru:

Quite an unadulterated and untouched land, this South American land will rejuvenate and relax you like none other. The sheer beauty and tranquility of the landscape makes it a perfect abode for the nature lovers. The Inca ruins and a trip to the Peruvian coast will take you back to some glorious historical times.

Verna, Bulgaria:

Eastern Europe is picking up in tourism since a few years now and Verna in Bulgaria is one of the most affordable Eastern European cities in the continent. You get to feel the proud waves of the black sea and the city has beautiful and affordable resorts where in one can enjoy with friends and family.

cheap vacation destinations to try

Medellin, Columbia:

 The birth city of the drug king Pablo Escobar was quite in famed until recently as the city is again picking up as a famous tourist spot. The tourist department is not only working on improving the reputation of the city but has also made sure that food and accommodation are quite affordable in this quaint little town making it a preferred destination for tourists and budget travelers.

Budget traveling is one of the best ways to pursue your hobby of traveling along with fueling the wild adventure streak in you. You stay in shared accommodations, eat at local eateries, and meet local people. This gives you the essence of the town in a much better way!

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