Cheap Family Vacations in the US – Walk Along the Chicago River

cheap family vacations in the us

Cheap family vacations in the US can be found in a variety of areas, depending on how far you travel and which area you visit. Most of the best cheap family vacations in the US are located along the East Coast of the US, between the Great Lakes and the Adirondack Mountains. There are some cheap family vacations in the US that are located in the West, such as in Yellowstone National Park, where the scenery is spectacular and the wildlife is magnificent. For the truly adventurous, there are even cheap family vacations in the US in Alaska! Here we’ll look at some popular destinations for family vacations in the US.

Cheap Family Vacations in the US

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Northeast Ohio offers lovely spots for cheap family vacations in the US. The region surrounding Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh is full of small town country roads, train stations, arcades, museums, etc. That makes it easy to explore with your children while still maintaining a budget. Parks in the area, like Cedar Point and Wild Dunes Resort, have great hotel rates, and the region is known for its winter attractions such as the Winter Carnival in January, a festival in February and a ski resort in March.

Family friendly cheap family vacations can be found along the beautiful beaches of southern Ohio and southern Indiana. Beach City, South Beach and Port Clinton are all popular summer family vacation destinations for families to check hotel rates and day trips to attractions in the area. In the fall and winter, families can enjoy golfing holidays at the Adirondack Heritage Golf Club in Port Clinton, or the Betty Rock Golf Course in Beach City.

Those on a family vacation to the US can spend their days enjoying the foliage of national parks and sightseeing at Glacier National Park in Montana. Summer vacation packages are available from Glacier National Park, including camping, tours, and day trips. Entry fees to Glacier National Park are based on the length of your stay and include meals, entrance fee and overnight accommodation.

A smaller sized but still an exciting park in the US is Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park has a number of activities for kids to enjoy such as water rafting and camping. The park headquarters offers sightseeing tours, mountain biking and hiking holidays and has a campground for families too. For those interested in horseback riding, a visit to the Park’s Hitching Haven lodge is a must; the lodge offers full access to the park’s trails, making it the perfect base to explore the wildlife and landscape.

The Smoky Mountains are a family-friendly and cheap family vacation destination. The famous attraction of the area, the Smoky Mountains, draws thousands of visitors each season. There are a few cheap family vacations in the US that cater to the activities that are offered in the area. One example is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which offers a great program of activities that families can enjoy. Activities such as mountain climbing, rock climbing and canoeing are only a few of the things that families can do in the national park.

Another popular activity for tourists in the Smoky Mountains is visiting the numerous hiking regions and lodges. There are many activities for children including kayaking, hiking and dog trailing. It would be a good idea to check hotel rates and travel guidelines when planning your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. Many hotels and lodges offer special discounts for families staying in the surrounding areas, and a little research can go a long way when finding cheap family vacation destinations.

End Note

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For families looking for a fun family vacation with some great scenery, check out Chicago. Chicago is a wonderful and budget friendly city. The city offers some of the best attractions in the Midwest and has many parks and museums that families can visit. For those families on a budget, there are plenty of activities to take advantage of including tours of the Chicago historical landmarks, and walking along the Chicago River.

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