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cannon beach vacation rentals

If you have never been to the Oregon Coast yet, think about staying in one of Cannon Beach vacation rental homes. This picturesque resort town on the northern Oregon coast boasts nine miles of beautiful sandy beach surrounded by the popular Cinnamon Rock and The Needles, twin narrow coastal shelves. It is also known for its multi-use activities and its closeness to the rainforest-dense Cascades. Cannon Beach is a great place to stay with plenty to do, but it is certainly worth the drive.

Positive Facets

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One of the many positive aspects of choosing Oregon coast vacation rentals is that you can do everything from sightseeing, hiking, surfing, kayaking, fly fishing, or just relaxing and soaking up the sun on a lovely day. For some, outdoor recreation means camping. There are also plenty of campgrounds located near the beaches of Cannon Beach, so if this is a preference you share, these are the places you might want to consider. At any rate, there are plenty of fun things to do on the Cannon Beach road. Here are some ideas:

Drive over the beautiful Hwy 36 on your way to Cannon Beach and turn left onto Old Shutey Road. Just past the small dirt strip just past the motel, turn left on the pavement, and proceed into an open field that contains a picnic table, restroom, fire pit, and a bench. At the end of this open area are a playground with a ping-pong table, tennis table, basketball goal, and a sandstone path for bicycles. Further along the trail, you will come across an old schoolhouse and the restrooms. Further along is a paved path that goes toward the direction of the motel and a sign for Old Shutey Resort, which provides beautiful outdoor recreation facilities and restaurants.

Communicate Your Needs

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To reserve your Oregon Coast vacation home, contact cannon beach vacation rentals direct. They have a lovely map of the coast that shows all of the lodgings, along with how far they are from any attractions. If you book with them, they will also send you a map of the hiking trail that takes you closer to various attractions and your campsite at the end of your trip. Also, they can assist with reservations at all of the lodging accommodations, along with sending out a reservations e-mail. You will want to contact them as soon as you know where you would like to stay, as most of their rooms do not have meeting rooms and you may have to camp out at the resort with another group.

Several vacation rentals homes line the coast, with oceanfront and ocean view homes, each offering its unique style and story. Take time to tour these homes, both before and after you take your vacation. Each is set in its private corner of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Some are secluded and have staircases that lead to private porches with ocean views, some have bathrooms and showers, and some have simple oceanfront and ocean view windows. The more modern amenities include whirlpools, fireplaces, and ocean-side ocean-view decks.

Look For Nearby Accommodation

If you prefer to stay on the Pacific Ocean but are seeking accommodations closer to the heart of town, look for the Pacific Ocean or cannon beach vacation rentals near the main part of town. These usually include oceanfront and ocean view homes and have staircases leading to ocean-front doors. Many are within walking distance of grocery stores, the beach, and other attractions.

For those who love to stay close to nature, don’t miss out on Oregon’s Cascading Waterfalls. Just a few minutes north of Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, Cascading Waterfalls makes for a fantastic hike, bike, or sightseeing experience. You can get closer to nature by taking one of the many trail rides through the waterfalls, or by taking your boat tour to see them up close. For a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of town, look for the Pacific Ocean and cannon beach vacation rentals that are near the Tualatin River, where you can enjoy a quiet picnic in the shade of trees. You can also do some kayak fishing on the Tualatin River, which starts just east of Cannon Beach.


No matter what your taste is, you’re sure to find something that is perfect for you and your family at the Pacific Ocean and cannon beach rentals. Make yourself comfortable at a beach house or condo, then kick back and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be able to relax and look at nature while still having fun on the beach. Your Pacific Ocean vacation can include hiking the Tualatin River, kayaking down the river, or exploring the fascinating secret caves that litter the shore. Your entire family will have fun exploring the rich history of this unique area in the United States, as well as experiencing the sights, sounds, and tastes of the exotic underwater world.

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