Camping Lantern: Choose The Right One

Family trips should never be out of the picture when it comes to creating your monthly, bi-monthly, and even annual schedules. There’s something about these trips that pull the family together. Draws them closer. Knights that bond tighter. And erases any relational grudges. And when you do decide to finally go on that trip, light will break that gloomy overhead thunderstorm hanging atop your shoulders… much like a camping lantern can brighten any dark campsite.

Camping Lantern: Choose The Right One

Okay. So maybe we forced that reference a tad too much. It worked though, didn’t it? We’re hoping it did. If so, do continue reading.

Camping Lantern: How To Choose

You might be wondering if this is at all necessary. Choosing a lamp for camping? It shouldn’t have to be so complicated. Pick one that lights up and boom. You’re ready.

In that logic, yes. That will work. However, we’d like you to have not just any kind of camping experience. What we want you to have is the ultimate one. Moreover, it’s best to be knowledgeable about this, why? To provide your campsite with the lighting it needs. For your comfort and security.

Camping Lantern: Types

First, do a pre-check on the campsite of your choice. Notice how wide the open spaces are. Parts that are shaded by trees, and the like.

Secondly, know the types of lamps available to you. Front Country Camping Lanterns are intended for lighting up large spaces. If you’re talking car camping with your fam and calling a few more others to come along, this is your best bet. It needs more maintaining than most simply because it has a higher iso-butane consumption. Hence, the lit-like-we’re-in-a-lit-room effect. But it will be worth your while because of its long-term usage.

Camping Lantern: Choose The Right One

Another type is called the Back Country Camping Lantern. We swear this is for real. Sounds like the opposite of the first. The difference is the “where” it can be used efficiently. Back Country Camping means going off-grid. Sort of.

Furthermore, it’s an activity that takes you to a place from, possibly, the city. We’re talking woods, hills, etc. This kind of artificial light is usually posted close to tents because they’re not harmful to sight. At the same time, they give off a brightness that is ideal for the outdoors.

Our third type is known as an Emergency Use Lantern or Lamp. By the name itself, they’re most useful when your power goes out. They have enough power to last longer than most.

In addition to that, try to look for ones that have different ports for charging: USB or with an adapter. They tend to charge longer. However, when it comes to battery life, this will definitely last even more than a night.

Our Fave Pick:

Camping Lantern: Choose The Right One

This LED Camping Lantern Solar Lamp has high-powered LED lamp beads. It charges quickly and conveniently, through USB output and AC adapter charging. With the latter, it will take only 3-6 hours for its battery to be full. Talk about energy saving!

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