Best Caribbean Islands For Family Travel

Best Caribbean Islands for Family Travel

The world is filled with places that are a must watch at least once in your lifetime. Best Caribbean Islands. There are plains, oceans, mountains which make this world. And each of these has someplace or the other in the world, which is amazing. There are many famous hill stations, islands, and plains, which are a tourist attraction irrespective of the nationality of the tourists. Travelers flock to such places every year and enjoy the holidays and vacations.

Each of us has a favorite destination; some of us like to go to hills, some to beaches, and others on the plains. Among all the mentioned places, beaches and islands are one of the most popular among the tourists. Every year people look for exotic islands to travel to. One such place is the Caribbean islands.

List Of Islands

Here are some of the most famous Caribbean islands which see a lot of footfall every year.

Best Caribbean Islands for Family Travel
Best Caribbean Islands for Family Travel

Turks and Caicos- Travel Caribbean Island

These are one of the most famous islands of the Caribbean Islands. The beauty and the landscape of the entire island is a sight to watch. This island spans twelve miles with bright white sand on its beaches. There are many natural activities that are performed here throughout the year.

The island has a low crime rate, and everything is just fantastic here. Sand sanctuaries are very popular in the Turks and Caicos Islands. You can walk down a 1400 square foot villa on the beach of the island. You, along with your family, can stay there and enjoy your vacation.

You can also take a quick boat ride on the shores of the island and discover the undiscovered part of the island. The island has a lot of natural habitats filled with tall trees.

Jamaica- Best Caribbean Islands

It is one of the largest islands of the Caribbean. It is one of the most affordable and inexpensive islands of the whole Caribbean Islands. There are many famous personalities who live on this island. It is most famous for the sport of cricket, which is a very famous sport in the Caribbean Island. The Caribbean Island cricket team plays cricket by the name of West Indies.

The island has many famous resorts, five-star hotels, and others on beach cottages. People go there and have fun and enjoy their vacations.

Saint Lucia

It is on the third number of our list. It is famously called as a happy mix of land and sea. There are many beaches with recreational activities that are a perfect spot for a family picnic. Go there along with your family and friends, and enjoy the white sand on the shore.

The island has different villas and resorts. Each of these is made on different themes, and people book them for weeks and enjoy a perfect family holiday.

Best Caribbean Islands for Family Travel
Best Caribbean Islands for Family Travel

Dominican Republic

It is again the famous name of the Caribbean Island. It is famous for the monuments and sightseeing of the places. You can take a boat ride to small islands attached to the Dominican Republic Island.  People go there with family and friends and enjoy a vacation under the equatorial sun. People love to take sunbaths on the beaches of this island which has white shining sand on it.

It is a great place to relax. So guys, go ahead and book your air tickets to the Caribbean Island and enjoy a family vacation on the beaches of the Caribbean.

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