Beach Skin Care: Protecting Your Skin During Summer

Ever heard the saying that the best fashion there is good skin? Or maybe we just paraphrased the line and came up with our own. The point is that no matter how much we try to look summer chic, it’s still always best to bring attention to our skin as well. Beach skin care? Exactly. And it’s not as tedious a task we might imagine it is.

Beach Skin Care: Love Your Skin During Summer

Aside from nasty sunburns when the melanin in our skin is exposed to too much heat, the sun’s rays can do more harm than good, especially during summers. It’s always best to take precaution. Prevention. Better than cure. Period.

The summer heat also dries our skin. Additionally, when the skin is dry and unmoisturized, it looks older. Moisturized skin is what keeps it looking young and fresh.

Tips For Beach Skin Care

One. Moisturize. Before applying anything on your face, arms and legs, use a moisturizer. Often, moisturizers for our face should be different from what we use for the rest of our body. Not only will this hydrate, but it will also act as a layer of protection against premature wrinkling.

Two. Sunblock. Choose one that has SPF50 and above. Any less than this won’t be that effective against the sun’s UV rays. Also, staying under the shade isn’t always foolproof. Even heat itself can cause skin darkening. Just make sure to spread it evenly to avoid caking.

Three. Exfoliate. Exfoliating using certain body gels with exfoliating beads and with a simple loofa will do the trick. This habit will get rid of dead skin cells and give room for new skin cells to generate. Remember, healthy-looking skin is young looking skin. When we exfoliate, we remove dirt as well.

Four. Drink Water. And we mean tons of it. What we do externally should be paired with how we care for ourselves internally. Water is the best liquid to quench our thirst in the dry or humid heat. However, it also rejuvenates our bodies to continue producing good skin cells. It hydrates us from the inside out.

Beach Skin Care: Love Your Skin During Summer

Five. Watch What You Eat. Junk and fast food, along with items that are high in sugar easily dehydrate. Either take them sparingly with water or simply lessen your intake. Instead, replace them with fruits. Fruits that are high in antioxidants and vitamins will work best.

Food For That Natural Summer Glow

Lycopene. So, tomatoes. It enhances collagen strength for than firm look and feel for our skin.  Also, it has anti-aging agents. Plus it’s good for the heart.

Sweet Potatoes And Carrots. Both have enzymes that boost radiance and help lessen the appearance of dead skin cells by cultivating new ones.

Papaya. Say goodbye to blemishes and dark spots with this fruit. Many don’t know but papayas are a good source of  Vitamin C as well!

Moreover, it’s alright to go for store bought products to your beach skin care routine. Just make sure to try them out and see which ones suit you the best.

Here’s our pick for the season:

Beach Skin Care: Love Your Skin During Summer
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