Beach Mats For Sun-Soaking Vacations

“The beach isn’t a place but a feeling.” Ever heard of this saying? Probably not because we just made it up. Pretty good, huh? Although it’s true, isn’t it? There’s something about soaking up the sun and sand and water that revives the soul and bonds people together. And when you’re out there getting a taste of summer, it’s always best to have that trusty beach mat for your comfort and relaxation.

Beach Mats For Sand-Free Sun-Soaking Vacations

Choosing The Right Beach Mat

It’s not always about the design. Just like most things in life, so many things go beyond the aesthetic. Never judge a mat by its surface. No? Trying to reword “Never judge a book by its cover.”

There are a whole lot of sand rugs (our made-up term as well) out there, it would seem pointless to have a strategy in picking one. Well, “strategy” is too heavy a word for it. However, we want you to choose wisely when it comes to this summer vacation item.

Firstly, know the number of people joining in on your trip. This is basic and we don’t want to overemphasize it. You’ll be able to estimate the mat size (in length and width) and narrow down your choices.

Second, check on the material its made out of. There are waterproof ones that exist. Keep in mind that they’re not usually 100% liquid repellent. If that’s what you’re looking for, then fabric won’t matter. Simply go for soft plastic, and that isn’t going to be comfy to lie down on. Read with much sarcasm, please.

On the other hand, you’ll want something that’s waterproof enough that it is able to soak in liquids and have a feature of drying easily instead. Microfiber is among the better fabrics out there.

Third, get a feel of its texture. Since you’ll be sitting and lying down on it the entire day, you would want something at least hypo-allergenic and soft to the touch. Which means it’s okay to take your time holding the fabric during sand rug shopping day.

Some Tips On What To Bring To The Beach

If you’re going on a family trip for a summer getaway, it’s best to have some of these tips in mind, and with you, during your travel.

Beach Mat. There’s this super inviting feeling laying on the sand gives us. We can’t explain what it is. Whenever we head towards to beach, aside from taking a dip in the water itself, taking some rest on the sand is the cherry on top of the cake.

Beach chairs are also good to have with you. They’re slightly bulky but come on you guys, they’re worth taking along.

However, the sand itself, is irritable to the highest level. So don’t let that ruin your moment, and have you and your family a mat to avoid this.

Sunscreen. Hats. Umbrellas. Sunglasses. Let’s not be careless about letting the sun do harm to our eyes and skin than good. Getting a good tan is one thing, but burning your skin is another. These 4 items we’ve mentioned will help keep you protected against harmful UV rays without spoiling your sunbathing.

Everything else is up to you. Your beach outfit, a good book, some gadgets, and beach toys to keep you occupied. These are up to you and your group. What we’d like to leave you with is… be in the moment and have fun!

Our Top Pick:

Beach Mats For Sand-Free Sun-Soaking Vacations

Take a look at this beach buddy that’s made for your sun-laying comfort! Dust and sand can actually seep through this product! No more getting your skin irritated when sand stick to your body. Aside from this unique feature, it’s super soft to the touch, too! Also, its 200cm x 200cm size is perfect for your family!

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