Beach Accessories For A Chic Beach Look

Beach Accessories For A Chic Beach Look

We all want that effortless-celebrity-beach-chic look. Dozens of magazines and dozens of posts on Instagram leave us wanting to have summer sparkle whenever we’re out and about under the sun. However, we tend to think it takes so much more effort and money to achieve the perfect look. Fret not! Beach accessories are the way to go! How? Read on to find out.

Beach Accessories: The Perfect Summer Look

Less is always more. We hear this often enough. Fashion gurus have said it, and still, say it today. Over-accentuating will simply be too messy to look at, even if the pieces you have are actually good on their own. Additionally, it’s summer! If you have too much on, you’ll just be packing heat! And not in a good way.

Think of comfort. Remember, you’re on vaca mode. You’re out in the water and sand to relax. Similarly, your outfit not only has to look it, but you should feel relaxed in them as well. Go for cotton! They’re breathable and lightweight. Humidity and heat will not be trapped by this fabric.

Cinch it up! As in, cinch it up around your waist. If you’re going for chic and elegant, try high-waist shorts, skirts and longs skirts, as well as pantaloons. There’s something about a high waist that immediately spells fancy for a summer outfit!

Also, bare those feet! Closed shoes aren’t exactly a no-no. However, they could be uncomfortable in the heat. Our feet tend to expand in warm weather and close shoes definitely won’t be a help in this situation. Either go for super flats or wedges, as pumps and stilettos will easily sink in the sand.

Have a light cover-up. A summer topper that’s featherweight will do the trick. Not only will it cover you up when you think the sun is at its peak. It will also add a touch of “togetherness” to your summer outfit. It “pulls the outfit together”, if we may say so. Plus, if you don’t feel like wearing it, carry it around with you. It will act as an accessory to your ensemble.

Beach Accessories: More Tips On Accessorizing!

So… We’ve already covered the number one rule, which is that less is more when it comes to your outfit. The same rule is true when it comes to accessorizing. Accessories are there make the whole of your outfit pop! Give it that oomph to make you stand out in the best way possible.

Beach Accessories For A Chic Beach Look

Here are our favorite tips on how to accessories for your summer getup.

First, go for two of these three: earrings, necklaces (including chokers), and bracelets. Some fashion experts say that choosing only two among these will let you have an effortless look. That you aren’t trying too hard. Others say that all three is okay. So long as only two of these are elaborate. The third choice should be as simple as can be. Very similar to the first rule, we’re guessing.

Second, you can shine bright even with less sparkle. What we mean here is that summer outfits, also known as beach get-ups, need less bedazzle. Choose accessories that have less “gems” on them. Save those for a summer night out, or for any other occasion. Beach clothing are meant to look laid back yet chic. Gems merely take away a little bit of the “laid back” part of it. Not that we hate gems. I mean, come on. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Just set them aside temporarily when you go for sand and sun.

Third, go big. As in big bangles or big earrings. Overlaying necklaces is also love. Remember rule number one in mind, to choose only two of the three options, let your top two stand out. Hint: big earrings draw attention to your gorgeous face!

Beach Accessories For A Chic Beach Look

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