How To Choose Your Ideal Camping Tent

How To Choose Your Ideal Camping Tent

Let’s talk about camping tents. The outdoors beckon us to come and be one with it. Deep? Yeah. Trying to sound so. But truly, there’s something about getting away from concrete jungles within the city that’s both alluring and exciting. Being away from the comfort of our home is a challenge. And a Camping tent will give you that, and more.

At the same time, an invitation to get out there and leave our troubles behind our office desks. What better way to brave nature while still being protected from the elements.

Basic Camping Tent Forms

First, let’s start with A-Frame Tents. Just as the letter suggests, this type is in the form of an oval. Kidding. In the form of the letter “A”! Gotcha. This is among the O.G.’s of tents. There are fewer of them in the market today. However, it’s a safe choice because of the simplicity of its make. Standing up inside it might be a problem but it stands pretty well against rain.

Now, you might have heard of Pyramid Tents. Similar to the A-Frame, it’s convenient to set up. But it lacks space for headroom along the side that slope down. In addition, though, they’re excellent against bad weather.

Second, is the Dome Tent. You’ll find this as among the most frequently used . Easy-to-set-up is a phrase you can use for this. All you need to do is connect the poles to form two long ones. These will act as the beams of the apparatus. Moreover, it isn’t expensive and is very travel-friendly.

The third is called the Tunnel Tent. Its method of set up is similar to that of the Dome Tent. Think flexible poles that are aligned one after the other. In this manner, the rainfly forms the shape of a tunnel. Though it isn’t exactly light in weight, it’s ideal for a large group. Height and length are higher than that of the Dome.

More Basic Camping Tent Forms

Dome Tent

Cabin Tents usually have an elongated design so that it resembles a small house. Among its features are dividers attached inside. You can create “rooms” if you prefer something like this. Additionally, it’s great for large groups. A tad complicated to set up, yet worth it because of its spatial capacity.

Another is what’s called a Multi-Room Tent. If Cabin Tents have zip-up dividers, this kind actually has separate rooms. For those who really want to bond instead of staying in separate tents, this is the route to follow. There are separate entrances to each “room. Talk about a family home on the road!

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How To Choose Your Ideal Camping Tent

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