4 East Coast Vacation Wedding Venues You Would Love To Celebrate

east coast vacation destination

Beautiful beaches, a variety of activities, great restaurants and shopping, and a host of unique lodging options make it a popular vacation getaway. But not all vacations are alike. Here are some tips to ensure your perfect East Coast trip:

Sanderling Riff

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If you’re going to a beach resort, your first stop should be at Sanderling Reef. Consisting of nine miles of beautiful beach and ocean bluffs, it’s a great place for a quiet, peaceful, outdoor wedding ceremony with just a few guests.

There are beautiful places for receptions and dinner afterwards, as well as other facilities such as a spa, boat tours, biking and fishing rentals, and kayaking rentals. Be sure to check out the diving store that sells sea shells from Cape Hatteras, NC.

Secret Beach Resort Venue

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This venue is located right off the Eastern seaboard at Wrightsville Beach in NASCAR National Harbour, NC. This is a great place for beach weddings, receptions, corporate events, and other special occasions. It can hold up to 500 guests, making it one of the most popular East Coast beach resort venues.

Lully But Serious Beach Business Parties

If you want to host a relaxed beach wedding, but also want some really good eats, then you need to check out the Lullaby Busy Bar & Grill. There are four different reception venues available, all with their own personal touches, but all of them are within walking distance of the bar itself.

Navy Beach Busy Bags

This venue offers so many different wedding packages, including those that fit in between our two shore excursions. For example, if you want a reception at the boardwalk before you hit the sandy beaches, then you can book a Private Beach Tour Package.

Those looking for more casual beach weddings can book a Wedding Package where there is no live entertainment, but there are two bands and three photo opportunities with champagne and light snacks.

Euro Launch Fun At Chapter Store

While this isn’t technically a beach wedding venue, you can book this place as a wedding venue for a more elegant affair. With all-inclusive packages that include food, champagne, and drinks, this is a great place to host ceremonies on the East Coast.

You can also choose to have your ceremony at the museum or other location all for an even bigger cost savings. This is another popular choice among couples who want to keep things intimate.

Pacific Rivet Host Ceremonies

The Pacific Coast is host to beautiful weddings, receptions, and ceremonies every day of the year. This is the perfect vacation spot for intimate beach weddings, as most of the beach is private.

There are many all-inclusive deals to select from, including smaller intimate receptions lasting just thirty to sixty minutes, receptions that last two to four hours, and intimate dinners. The prices vary depending on the package you select.

Easter Store Smoke

For people who are interested in small, casual weddings, this is the perfect place to hold the ceremony. Many couples who are looking for less formal venues for their receptions and ceremonies visit this all-inclusive venue for weddings and receptions.

The quaint, fun environment will help your guests to relax and feel comfortable, while enjoying delicious food and drinks throughout the evening. Plus, the stores and boutiques in the area provide everything a couple needs for an elegant look and feel.

Beach Wedge Beach Restaurant Launch

If your budget allows it, couples can plan an outdoor reception right on the beach at any of the amazing restaurants located right on the ocean. Many restaurants offer great cuisine and wonderful food and drink selections for great prices, making them the perfect East Coast beach wedding venue for couples who want a truly memorable experience.

Butternut Grooms

Those who are looking for a unique, elegant East Coast beach wedding venue should consider celebrating their wedding in Pittsburgh at the Butternut Grooms. Consisting of over 200 individually decorated groomsmen tuxedos, the grooms can be paired with incredible dinner menus and top quality wine to create a truly classy affair.

These tuxedos are also ideal for other guests who wish to join in the festivities by watching the entire ceremony or getting up to do a little jig or jump rope or whatever else guests may want to do. While this is a beautiful and exclusive East Coast vacation wedding venue, it’s also a fantastic place for out-of-towners and other guests who might not be able to make it into your reception.

Elastic Dreams Riviera

For those who love fine cuisine and the finer things in life, The Elastikon is a perfect East Coast destination wedding location. Every detail of this spectacular gourmet restaurant is designed to please its guests in every way, from the moment they walk in the door until they take their sweet little princess home.


Guests can dine in the charming dining room, meet the chefs for a private table, wander through the quaint gardens that surround the grounds, and take in the breathtaking views of the city and its lovely lakes. What wedding could be better than celebrating your vows surrounded by such beauty and glamour? If you and your guests agree, the Elastikern would certainly be the choice of wedding location for you!

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